Monday, May 20, 2013

Removing Mobile Spy Software from Your Phone

I have written a couple of articles on this site about cell phone security. Many people drift along totally unaware of the power of cell phone spy software programs. If you have been targeted in this way you will be very aware of the distress it can cause. I have looked at how to detect spy software on your phone, how to secure your phone and now I will tell you how to remove spy software from your cell phone.

Removing the software is relatively easy, even for those who are not technically minded. Don't be afraid of the process, just follow the instructions carefully and you will get through it with ease.

Before You Begin

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This is the most important step, do not skip it. Before you attempt to remove the software make sure you have a good working backup of your cell phone data. The process I am about to describe will completely wipe your cell phone of all data. All data stored on the phone will be removed, including the spy software. If you want to keep any of your personal files you must back them up before you begin. Backup methods vary depending on your phone type, if you're not sure Google is your friend – have a search!

Factory Reset the Mobile Phone

This is the simplest and most complete method I have come across. All phones have a setting where you can simply restore the phone to its original settings when you first bought it. For android cell phones this is usually found in Settings - Privacy Settings - Factory Data Reset. When you have completed a backup and are ready to proceed just select that option and hit reset and confirm. The process will only take a couple of minutes and will work for all cell phone types.

Once you have reset the phone you can restore your personal data from your original backup. If you have been careful and done this correctly, your phone will be back to normal, minus any cell phone spy software. When you are restoring your data you should reinstall any apps manually to avoid reinstalling the spy software.

Removing Spy Software from an iPhone

There is a quick and easy way to remove any spy software from the iPhone. Apple basically have a locked operating system which will only allow you to install apps from the Apple Store. For any other software to be installed on an iPhone, it first needs to be Jailbroken. All spy software programs require that their iPhone has a Jailbreak. No exceptions!

If you remove the Jailbreak, the spy software will not work. Just be aware that any other external software, not purchased through Apple, will also be removed. To remove the jailbreak from an iPhone you simply need to update or reinstall the operating system. This can be done through iTunes and only takes a couple of minutes.

These methods are the best ways to remove cell phone spy software completely. As long as you backup your cell phone before you begin, you will not harm your phone in any way and you will stop any monitoring of your activity.


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